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There is no substitute for a trained dental professional, but here are a few suggestions to consider while you are waiting for the appointment:

Tooth knocked out of your mouth?
If it is likely an adult tooth, it is usually best to try to re-insert it back into position. This sounds gross and the tooth can be pretty slippery, but you can lick it off and try to push it back in. If you have some milk or saline (like for contact lens care) you can use it to rinse off any debris. A commercial product can be found at (great for sports teams) which is a special solution that keeps the tooth alive while waiting for the dentist to put the tooth in for you. You can even put it in cold milk and carry it to the dentist this way. Try to get in ASAP!!!!

Chipped a tooth?
Breaking off a piece of your tooth can be damaging to the nerve of the tooth and sharp on the tongue. Stay away from hot and cold drinks and consider using a piece of gum or wax to cover the area while trying to find a dentist to see you as soon as reasonable possible. This is usually not an extreme emergency, but it can be painful. Do not try to Crazy glue your tooth back together, but if you have the piece (especially if it is a front tooth) bring it along to your appointment in a small plastic bag. A clean break can sometimes be bonded back into place.

There are a ton of reasons why your tooth may be painful and figuring out the reason for the pain and the best treatment alternatives should be delegated to your emergency dentist. Some simple pain killers, rinsing with warm or cold water, or applying oil of cloves on a small cotton pellet may help a little. The dentist has the cure... call before it gets worse!

Dislocated or fractured jaw This serious situation needs urgent care at the hospital, and possibly with an oral surgeon. Call either and follow their suggestions! Prevention is easier, and may involve using seat belts, mouth guards, sports helmets and common sense.

Bitten tongue or cheek?
This can occur accidentally after biting your frozen mouth after a dental appointment or for several other reasons. Unless you are dealing with significant blood loss it should resolve and may be eased by a warm tea bag. Contact your dentist if you are concerned.

Mouth Sores
Certain toothpastes with added chemicals may activate mouth sores, or you may even have herpes. Take a few pain killers and try to have your emergency dentist have a peek while they are in full bloom. Rinsing with a mouth wash or applying Orajel may help too.

These suggestions are for general advice only and our recommendation is you follow the advice of a competent dental professional and seek attention immediately for any concern related to the conditions mentioned above. Toothaches can happen to anybody... don’t be embarrassed to call the dental office. They are pleased to be of service and will be able to clearly explain what treatment options are available and the approximate costs involved. Dentists can NOT diagnose or help you over the phone. If it appears serious you must get to the office as soon as possible.